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Drying out breast milk

So I have breast fed for the first few days of baby born but switched to formula now. However my milk has come in and my breaststroke are engorged. How do I 'dry' then out?

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I am still pumping and topping up with formula currently do haven't been in this position for my daughter. But with my son I pumped the excess as much as I could and rode it out. I think paracetamol would help too? Sorry I'm not really sure....

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Cabbage leaves, sage tea, antihistamines, vitamin b6 and peppermint. I just googled it, didn't do anything with DD but still had some milk for over a year

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I put on a snug bra with breastpads, drank mint tea, took allergy medicine and sudafed. I only had to pump off a bit once and for under 5mins so as to not encourage more production. Took 3/4 days of rock hard boobs then it went down. Didn't hurt me honestly. But then again i was exclusively pumping and got clogged ducts daily so I figure anything feels better than that.

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Im letting my daughter feed lil bit like a drink inbetween her feeds for only 5mims or so to take the edge off the engorgement so to trick my body so it produces less milk & eventually stop, it can take a couple wks for the milk flow to adjust.. i mainly now get the milky big boobs early hrs when she wakes but during day its getting less, just gonna take a few wks & being patient i think :thumbup/

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