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Sensitivity? Or a little bug?

Needing a bit of help.

We had been supplementing with original Holle for 3-4 months with no issue. Suddenly our little guy decided he no longer liked the taste and we had to fight him to get him to drink any.

About 12 days ago we got our first shipment of Lebenswert and he LOVES the taste, but he has had diarrhea 5-7 times a day for now the 5th day. We are keeping him hydrated and he is not acting sick, so I'm not sure if it is the formula or just a little bug. He has got this awful diaper rash now because of the diarrhea and no cream is helping, so I'm just trying to stop the diarrhea now.

Could it be the formula if it started more than a week after making the switch? Any thoughts on another formula that tastes good and might be a bit more similar to the regular Holle? We aren't a big fan of American formulas, but I also need something quickly if it is the formula. We tried plum briefly because it is all I really felt comfortable with, but it was super foamy and made him constipated, so we pulled the plug on that pretty quickly.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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I don't know about USA, but in the UK the regulations mean that all formula is pretty much the same. The difference in whether it constipates or not is usually in the amount of whey protein versus casein protein. Breastmilk has 90% of its protein as whey protein and 10% casein, but formula is often a bit higher on casein which can be harder to digest and therefore lead to constipation. So if you can find a formula that is more whey based it should relieve constipation.

Regarding the loose stools, I'd expect a newborn baby on an easily digestible formula to have runny poo up to 10 times a day, but I wouldn't expect it to cause a rash unless the frequency of changing him is exposing him to something else that he is allergic to (eg the chemicals in wipes). If you are just using water and cotton, or a cloth, to wipe him then the rash suggests it could be proper diarrhoea. Usually if it's a bug you can tell by the foul smell, and sometimes the poo will contain mucus etc. Bugs can linger in babies for about a week.

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