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6 month old Won't have milk in the day but wakes frequently at night!!!

Hello! Our baby who is six months next week has never been fussed with milk since we switched to formula from bf at about 7/8 weeks but just lately it's been terrible!! For the last two months I've put it down to teething and a cold (she now has two bottom teeth) but she mainly refuses to eat during the day, we might get 10-18 oz tops! Then she'll wake 2-3 times in the night and guzzle 7oz bottles! I don't mind so much but we have a two bed house and she's started sharing
With her older brother and she wakes him frequently. Sometimes she won't even have a bottle at night she just won't settle. She doesn't have a dummy and usually has a good nighttime routine where she settles herself. Her weight is excellent and we have no concerns there it's more that she seems to be going backward with her milk intake day vs. Night!! I should also point out that she's never been a great daytime sleeper - she has 3 or 4 20-30 min naps a day and will not sleep longer.

Any advice or has anyone else experienced this? As I say no massive concern I'd just prefer she drank in the day and settles better over night, sometimes we are up 10-15 times either milk or not (hard to tell what she wants!!) and it's waking the whole house ....driving me crazy!!!

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My son is the same. He goes for hours and hours in the day without a feed. He does eat a lot of food though so I guess he is more interested in that, but he wakes so much at night.
To get him to feed in the day I sometimes have to go and lie down in a dark room with him and he will feed fine then. Maybe your LO might feed better in a dark room where she can't be distracted things. Good luck.

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I had the same experience with my DD for 2 months. I think for some babies it's normal and it changes while they are growing up.

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Could you offer just before or after a nap to get that sleepy time when they offer less resistance?

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When she refuses milk in the day is she upset by taking a bottle or just distracted?

Could it be that developmentally she is in a stage of waking frequently (teeth, brain development etc.) and because feeding comforts her, she is then les hungry during the day - which might start a cycle of being hungry at night etc. etc.

How is weaning going? Is she filling up on too much on low calorie food maybe?

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