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Picking formula for gassy/reflux infant

DD2 is formula fed and we're having trouble finding one that works with her. She's got reflux and is extremely gassy. So far, we've tried Enfamil Gentleease and Nutramigen (We're in the US). With gentleease, her reflux was causing her a lot of pain. We switched to Nutramigen (which we used with her older sister for colic and reflux), mixed with a small amount of rice cereal per the pediatricians recommendation, but she is getting constipated and still extremely gassy. The reflux is a bit better but now she's in pain from being constipated, poor thing! We switched to a soy based formula today to see if that helps with her gas, constipation, and reflux.

Do you have any recommendations or ideas of things that could help?

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I use Gentlease as well but for my gassy LO, I used Mylicon infant gas drops before her feed to help with gas. Eventually her digestive system matured and can poot without pain

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Gentlease didn't work for us because it caused so much reflux. Went through a lot of different options. Currently having very good luck with Similac Pro-Sensitive.

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I use Holle organic for both my DD(2 months) and DS (18 months). Lets be honest I had to try maybe 5 or 4 other brands with my DD before I found the perfect one for my kids. You can order it form if you are interested.

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