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Please help with bottles!

Hi, I'm really hoping someone will be able to help me or offer some advice for my son. He's 4 weeks old and has problems feeding from the very beginning. So to give the background story I wanted to originally EBF. In the hospital he wouldn't latch on despite being there for 24 hours and trying multiple times. Midwife's said he was just tired and were happy for me to go home. So for the first few days I expressed into a syringe and fed him that way. After a lot of persistence I managed to get him to feed from me but it was a nightmare. He'd never latch on properly so would drink for like 20 secs come off scream, bob around trying to find the nipple and get himself so worked up. When he was attached he'd gulp the milk so strongly you'd here it hitting his stomach. So he suffered badly with wind (we tried infacol but this didn't seem to do much to help) so after 3 weeks of this I couldn't take anymore and decided to move onto bottle feeding.
(Should mention as well that I bought nipple shields which he was able to latch onto better but they seemed to reduce my supply so he wasn't getting as much as he wanted.)

Now bottle feeding is giving us as much hassle as on the breast! So far we've tried -

Dr brown (standard and wide neck)

We've been using the slow flow tests on all but he just can't seem to get a good seal round them. He leaks milk out of the side of his mouth, makes really loud sucking and clicking noises and chokes on them. The NUK ones are the latest ones we've tried and he can finish 4oz in minutes! He then gets
Bad wind any ends up bringing milk back up with each burp. So far in my opinion the DR brown wide neck seem to be the best (not by any means the solution to our problem because he leaks milk the worse with these but he doesn't seem to make
As much noise and seems to struggle less).

I'm really at my wits end now because he is a very hungry baby and I sometimes dread feeding him because the poor thing gets so worked up.

Can anyone with Similar Issues shed some light on a holy grail bottle or test combo??

Thank you!

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