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Originally Posted by wifey2013 View Post
I exclusively breast fed in the hospital (they have a policy that they won't allow formula feeding) and it was a nightmare. I stopped as soon as I got home. My milk comes in fast and was fully in by day 2. My boobs got super sore and super hard like rocks really fast. I bought cabbage and cut off the leaves and kept them in the freezer. I would put them in my bra. It helps dry up your supply and the cold helps with the pain. It only took about 2-3 days and then the deflated back to a somewhat normal state. You smell like cabbage soup but I swear it works like a miracle! Good luck!!
This got me very upset. They don't "allow"??? What if a woman really doesn't want to breastfeed? They truly force her to do something with her body against her will?! Everywhere I know, that's a crime. I hope you mean that they just put on a lot of pressure but do listen if a woman says, "no" ?

Sorry you went through that!

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