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With DS1 I used glass (Dr. Browns) up until 2 months when we switched to the 8oz bottles, I found the were just too heavy.

With DS2 I bought the Avent 4oz glass bottles and love love love them! I will switch to plastic though once we get to the 9oz bottles.

I've dropped them too, and they haven't broken on me yet!

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I have used the avent glass bottles through both of my girls and I LOVE them!! I've dropped them on my tile also and never had one chip or break. I run them through my dishwasher and don't feel bad about it as I would with plastic! Mine never leaked but I did have one bottle that doesn't seal "tight" and ifor you tried to tighten it , it would click and be loose again!! I got the hang of how tight to tighten that particular one but the rest I never had a single problem with!!

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