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Electric Sterilzers

I had my Phillips 5-in-1 go boom. Gutted. It was my best friend for sterilizing bottles, warming formula, steaming veges for baby and warming baby food. But the one I had I can no longer buy and can't even track one down second hand. I'm just so lost without it because it means I steaming veges over a pot of boiling water and in doing so, loosing all those valuable vitamins and minerals baby could be getting.

So, I figured if I want some real, honest answers that this would be the place to do it. What is available, what is preferred and why? I want something that can provide all of the above and fit 6 of the 10oz Nuk bottles. I say that because I rinse all the bottles and sterilize the whole lot at once as it saves doing one or 2 at a time. My budget is probably US$150 (around NZ$170) as I would have to import to NZ because there is really just stuff all of anything so exchange and shipping rates need to be considered. To actually buy anything here I'm looking at $350 upwards so importing really is a cheaper option.

Just before it's suggested, this is NOT an option:
I don't want 2 appliances to do the job of one. And with 3 older kids making enough dishes as it is, I don't need to be adding to the pile. I am considering the Baby Brezza as I can probably get away with putting a heat-proof container in it but this is just an idea.

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