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Two day old needs to be woken for formula feeds not taking no more than 40ml in one go & mostly only 20ml

Shall I keep waking? Keep persevering?

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My daughter is bf so I don't know about how much formula but the NICU nurses had me feed her on demand but never more than 3 hours between feedings.
I know it's tough but their tummies are so tiny and newborns can be so sleepy!

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If your midwife or doctor has told you to wake for feeds due to concerns about weight gain, yes. If she's putting on weight fine and you've not been told to, I probably wouldn't be too bothered as that's a good amount. I had to wake mine for feeds for the first month every 3 hours because she was losing so much weight, but she definitely wasn't taking more than 10-20 ml per feed for the first two weeks or so (mix of expressed milk and formula). Even at 6 weeks when we switched to formula she was having at most 60 ml every 4 hours. Their stomachs are really small to start so I wouldn't worry about the amount as long as she isn't losing too much weight.

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I'd keep waking to make sure they feed at least every 3 hours. My first slept a lot and I didn't know to wake him and then he ended up with very bad jaundice and had to have treatment. The amount sounds ok as if breastfeeding they'd be taking a tiny amount of colostrum but I'd check with someone if you're worried it's not enough.

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I wouldn't expect a baby that young to take more than about 15 - 20ml per feed. It will increase over the coming week to around about 50-60ml. Small and often is the key. Even if you aren't breastfeeding, keeping baby skin to skin will kick start baby's feeding instincts and allow you to see hunger cues that you might miss if baby is in a bassinet. Its very normal for them to be sleepy in the first few days, just keep encouraging regular feeds.

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