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Yes, I donít produce breast milk. I had our ds with full intentions of bf, but my boobs never got that sore full feeling people talk about and he was born right in his due date. I put him on the nipple and he was frantically sucking away, I knew deep down something wasnít right but I persevered, then I voiced my concerns to a midwife and she tried hand expressing on me and nothing came out! Then I brought my pump too so had a go and produced nothing! I quickly sent my hubby out for some formula and we havnít looked back. My baby was instantly satisfied, he is currently a very academic 4.5 yr old and is doing extremely well. The same thing happened when I had his little sister, didnít produce again although I expected it this time. I came prepared with formula this time and sheís a very bright almost 3 year old. They have both slept amazingly well and have never had any health problems. my only problem was with myself as the mummy guilt kicked in because a part of my body couldnít do the one thing it was designed to do. Over time Iíve realised that in the end it doesnít matter,fed is best Iím glad we were born in this day and age and alternatives are available. Xx

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