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Any mummies with no breast milk

Hi ladies

Not sure if it's the right place to post. Any mummies here with no breast milk (not little but none)?

It's my 3rd day post emergency c-section and I've zero colostrum, zero supply. Wondering if there's something wrong with my body.

Thank you

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I'm not too sure if I am able to give you the answers you want but I planned to breastfeed DS1. I ended up with an emergency section and then a pushy midwife on the ward who kept throwing this baby at my breast every hour on the hour rather than letting him and I figure it out in a calm and relaxed environment. Day 2 he just screamed constantly and I sent hubby out for a tin of formula and bottles. I had by this point, had enough as I hadn't slept in over 4 days and I just KNEW he was hungry and not getting anything from me. Boy did I hear about it! I was made to feel like I failed. I'm pretty mouthy and say what's on my mind so I told her what I thought and left 5 days later. I made a formal complaint. Determined to feed, I came home and expressed. My midwife told me to offer the breast first to try and increase supply then to top up with formula if he still needed it. In the first 3 weeks of him being home, I only ever got a full 250ml of breast milk and that took me all damn day! He was formula feed exclusively from that point on - I had too and my midwife made sure that she supported me. I had the same ward midwife with DS2 and told her if she wan't going to support me and let me and my baby sort out feeding ourselves then she should bugger off while I was still polite about it and guess what, she gave us our space. So needless to say, after DS3 she didn't push the issue and she was extremely supportive. If you are struggling to feed, trust your gut. Don't let anyone tell you what is and isn't right. This is your baby and your baby is dependent on you making the call you need to make.

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My experience was a bit different as I went into it happily choosing to formula feed from the start. I can say you have nothing to worry about. Just make the formula and get on with things. Don't waste this time stressing over something you have no control over.

There are some fantastic benefits to ff. No pain. No worries of mastitis or anything like that. No stress of wondering if baby is getting enough. Baby can (usually) eat more and sleep better. They're happier because they don't have to struggle to get their food. I just made up the bottle and cuddled with my son. It was lovely! And my husband could feed him, too, which meant a lot to him, also. We were able to share the first year of our son's life in a way that we wouldn't have been able to if it had been all on me.

For what it's worth, my son *knock on wood* is now a healthy, sweet as pie two-year old.

Congrats on your baby!

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If you are happy to fF then don't stress about what others think. However zero colostrum may indicate some retained placenta tissue which can cause you problems. Because it is the absence of the placenta which stimulates milk production, getting no milk CAN (but not always) mean retained placenta - it is also slightly more likely in a C-section I believe.

Have you told your concerns to your nurse/doctor?

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