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Choosing right formula for Baby #2

My DD had bad colic as a baby. So much so that she was on C&G Comfort, Doctor Brown bottles and Colic drops. This was the only combination we could find that eased her colic. Once we got this right, she was a completely different baby and was so settled and content.

I'm expecting number 2 and wondering what the best thing to do is. Should I see how this LO gets on with regular formula or should I opt for the Comfort straight off the back and see how that goes? We're using the Doctor Brown bottles again as we still have them in the cupboard.

Thanks in advance x

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I would start with the regular first milk. There's no reason to mess with something that isn't broken. If you find you need it, then at least you know what to try.

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We did top up feeding with regular formula. But it was whey based so it was heavier and meant he was fuller for longer. But it caused sore tummies and screaming so we changed - and then changed again, and again, and again. :/ Someone suggested we try a lactose free and when that failed to stay down, soy - which he point blank refused to take. We switched to Goat as the lactose is more refined which means smaller lactose chains and it's easier to digest. Goat formula is also a good option for colicy babies as well because of the different chains in the lactose. With DS1 having intolerance issues (he's been okay with a bowl of cereal for breakfast and an occasional ice-cream or hot cocoa for years until recently), DS3 having a suspected Cow Milk allergy, hubby having lactose issues due to asthma as well as my mother and sister, I am torn as to what I use for this baby. I was fine on regular as was DS2. But I do agree with MindUtopia about sticking to regular because you 'don't want to fix what isn't broken' until you know for sure. So, that said, that is probably the same path we will take too. If you do encounter issues in time, then look at changing but don't spend a fortune of special formulas unless you know it's a necessary evil.

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