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anyone help me please?

so at the moment i am breast and bottle feeding but i want to stop breastfeeding completely soon as i just dont have time with 2 other children to look after.

I see on the box the recommended amount for weight, age etc but what if he is still hungry? do i top him up with a small bottle?

night feeding.... how often does your little one want a bottle during the night? i have been breastfeeding up to 3 times a night but not sure if he will go longer without a feed as it is formula?

I feel so silly as i bottle fed my other 2 boys and with my 2nd i stopped breastfeeding one day, put him onto bottles and knew exactly what i was doing but this time i have no idea. possible because it has been 5 years since my last newborn. I feel really crap about taking him off the breast but he feeds for up to 2 hours on the boob sometimes and i have 2 others to look after!
i feel like a new mum again, worrying about everything

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I exclusively bottle feed my little guy and he's up for feeds (about 4oz) about four times between 9pm and 6am. He's 4wks old tomorrow. When my husband takes the night shift with him he's up more frequently because he doesn't eat until he's full with him for some reason. I hope that helps.

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Ignore the amounts on the tin. They mean absolutely nothing. Just like bf, feed on demand and as much and as often as they want. I always aimed to make a big enough bottle that there would likely always be some left over, that way I knew she had gotten all she wanted. But yes, if he is finishing a bottle but still feels hungry, make a bit more and top up with that.

As for night feeds, it's really variable. I was bf still at your lo's age, switching to bm and formula combi feeding around 6 weeks and then totally to formula at 10 weeks, so that's a bit different than what you can expect now. But yes, mine at 10 weeks was waking probably 2-3 times a night for a feed. She woke about 2x a night until maybe 7 months and then only 1x a night until 9 months when she dropped her night feeds altogether (still woke, but no interest in food). At that age though, yes, I'd definitely expect night feeds for quite awhile longer, though they do go through phases when they sleep more and feed less.

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Don't be so hard on yourself about asking a question and don't feel bad about wanting to switch to bottlefeeding. What worked for one child, may not always work for another! The most important thing is that he is a happy healthy baby, which can happen with both bottle or breast! You have not failed in any way by wanting to stop breastfeeding. Give yourself some grace! You know what your limitations are and you want what's best for your entire family! If that means putting baby strictly on bottle for your sanity and less chaos in the home, then that's the best decision for your family! Don't feel guilty! Happy healthy kids is the most important!
As for feeding, when I was breastfeeding, my kids nursed all the time! Once I switched them to the bottle it seemed to fill them up more. It may take some time and adjustment to figure out how much he needs and how often he needs it. Just be patient and you will figure out his needs together. If he really seems hungry, I wouldn't hesitate to give him a little more! Best of luck to you Momma! You got this!

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Don't be feeling guilty for wanting to change to bottle feeding. You are the only person who knows whats best for you and your family.

In regards to the measurement on the tin, it's a basic guideline. I always made what it said on the tin at first and if I noticed my daughter was finishing a bottle I would make an extra oz the next time I made the same feeds up and then it was up to her if she wanted it or not.

It's need nearly 4 years for me now so my minds a little rusty with night time feeding but I remember my daughter was sleeping through the night well before she went into her own room at 6 months. If I remember around about 3 months she was waking up once around 3am for a feed then sleeping till 7am onwards. We did used to do something called dream feeding though, so when we went to bed around 9-10pm I would change her nappy if wet and see of she would take a bottle (it would only be a couple of oz) if she didn't then she didn't and she would wake up slightly earlier for a feed.

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