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Iím not even going to try to breastfeed

I am pregnant with my third. My first baby I pumped for 4 months and then switched to formula as supply dwindled (blame pediatrician for starting this cycle!) and my second I was adamant and breastfeed exclusivity for over 1 yr.
I had a breast lift done and I know that it can very well hinder breastfeeding. My main concern is that I will constantly be stressed out about whether baby is getting enough milk. With the others I knew there was nothing wrong with my milk supply but with the next one I will actively know theRe is a good
Chance there isnít enough.
I am thinking itís best not to even try breastfeeding. It will reduce the stress of worrying if my baby is starving. But I feel guilty not even trying.
Any thought?

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I come from a generation when most babies were formula fed (including myself) Guess what? We're FINE. We're rocking. I didn't want to bf, so I didn't. Plain and simple. Too many women are way overstressing about this. Simply do what feels right for you and carry on.

The hyperbole around bf is ridiculous. Since it's been pushed, are kids any less sick than in previous generations? No. Is there an increase in IQ? No. Or any other significant changes or differences? No. Kids are the same as they've always been. No better nor worse. All your children will have the same genes and general upbringing. No one will look at them and be able to tell that one was combi-fed, one exclusively bf, and one exclusively ff.

BF. FF. Combi-fed. Just feed your kid and they'll be fine in that aspect.

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I didn’t try with my two and my first was v calm baby and this one to so far..(touch wood) and have thrived from day 1. when I was in hospital it was so sad to hear in the other cubicles other women crying and the babies all throughout the night getting stressed because of breast feeding. I had bottles ready to go and baby was fed when he needed it. It was hard to listen to both mother and child being so distressed. As long As my baby was fed I wasn’t worried which is the same goal for every parent breast or bottle. You do what you feel most happiest with don’t feel guilty what ever you do xx

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I didn’t with any of my three and had no problems with nurses or midwives about it. Ds3 was in scbu and a midwife mentioned something about donated breastmilk once but never again. My plan was to try to breastfeed him but it never happened that way

Don’t feel guilty, as long as you’re happy in your decision and relaxed about it

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Donít feel guilty .

Iím also having my third and will not be even trying to breastfeed this time .

Tried both times before and caused me nothing but stress and problems and my second - I had to rush to shop to buy formula because he was Ďstarvingí as a midwife finally realised what I had been concerned about and that he wasnít getting nearly enough as my supply wasnít enough .

So not this time - Iím going to bottle feed from the off . I fee so happy and comfortable with the decision and I know I will be a better Mum for it too as I will be happy knowing my baby boy is fed and other people can actually help to feed him and I can sleep a little !

Your obv a fab Mum - do what you know is for the best xx

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Cant your surgeon tell you whether they performed surgery that damaged anything? If they cut the ducts or removed a significant amount of glandular tissue, breastfeeding may not even be an option (if the ducts attached to the nipple don't join up to the milk making cells there's no way to feed) but if they did neither of these things there is no reason to think breastfeeding would be affected. As you've had two before and breastfed one already you probably have a good idea what is normal and what means baby isn't getting anything, so if your guilt outweighs your stress then give it a go, if your stress out weighs your guilt then don't.

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