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Can changing milk temp cause constipation?

I was giving him milk from the very start at room tempreture and had absolutoly no problems.

recently started giving him warm milk.. and hes not 'been' since early hours thursday (nearly 2 days) hes constantly got wind, asking for more milk than usual, and sicking up loads, also not sleeping!

after about 4 hours on constant screaming, winding and being sick, just gave him a room temp (ish) bottle and has sent him off too sleep...

could the milk temp difference have upset his little tummy? i've alwayss read warm is better??

Thanks in advance

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I haven't heard about a change in milk temperature causing problems, but I know Joe has always preferred his a little warmer, rather than at room temperature.
If you're worried hun I'd call your MW or HV and I'm sure they can offer some advice.

Congratulations on your baby boy xx

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I am inclined to think it does.. cos i used to give ava's warm and recently just been giving it to her room temp and filling the bottles all at once in the morning from the kettle so save time. and shes been unsettled, gets really really fussy to poo and finally went today after ages and a warm bottle... so possibly does. but im glad you asked i was going too!

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I used to give Charlie his bottle at room temp and it's only since a nurse said that I was cruel giving him room temp that I have started heating it up! I can't say that I noticed a particular difference in Charlie when I switched it to warm milk, but then every baby is different.

Sorry, that I can't be more help.


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I give Evie her daytime bottles at around the tepid temp, just above room temperature, but her evening and night time bottles tend to be warmer as I heard that this can help with trapped wind. We started doing it this way a week ago and she's been settling alot better during the evening, and she doesnt seem to be constipated

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