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How many Oz / ml does your 5 month old eat?

I have just started zoe on formula and she never takes more than 4oz at a time, if that.. she has never been a great eater to be honest.. even when breastfeeding..

what routine are you on for your 5 month old i.e. what times and how much do you feed. What should she have per day?


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how many oz does she drink in 24hrs all together? im sure as long as she is happy and healthy she is fine, some babies are little eaters some are big eaters.

my lo is near enough same age and she drinks 5oz 5 times a day, some times she wont finsish a whole bottle but majority of the time this is what she drinks :-) the tub of formula says she shouls be having 5x7oz but these are just guidelines not rules, there is no way my lo would drink this! xx

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My LO is 5 months old and was drinking 5 bottles of 6oz each, so 30oz total. Her doctor told me to start her on solids, and she has dropped to 4 bottles per day or 24oz. She generally takes a bottle every 4 hours. However, she has been off the past few days. She started nursery Monday, and hasn't been drinking her bottles. Some bottles she may only drink 1-2 oz, sometimes more. I pick her up after work and she usually wants a bottle when we get home and will drink the whole thing. She will take another before bed and finish it as well. According to the nursery report and what I gave her she still had 24ozs. I guess she is just too sociable and doesn't want to stop watching everyone and eat at nursery so she waits til she gets home! She seems just as happy as can be about it all.

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Ava averages about 30oz a day. she has 5 feeds of about 6oz. She is also on 2 meals a day.

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My Anna has never EVER taken more than about 25oz in a day. Some babies just dont need loads. That was enough for her - no need to wean early either as there were no problems etc

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I was going to ask the exact same question.
Max takes 5oz bottles and doesn't always finish them. He is currently feeding at all different kinds of hours, so between 2-4 hours between each bottle.

I note everything down on my iPhone app and can tell you, this past week is as follows
Friday - 6 bottles average 129ml, total 775ml (slept through)
Saturday -6 bottles average 142ml total 855ml (slept through)
Sunday - 6 bottles average 131ml, total 790ml (slept through)
Monday - 6 bottles average 125ml, total 750ml (slept through)
Tuesday - 6 bottles average 129ml, total 775ml (but took 150ml at 1am)
Wednesday - 7 bottles, average 132ml, total 930ml (but took 150ml at 1am)

According to the box he should be on 210ml bottles. He can never drink that much in one sitting. But he follows the charts perfectly and is thriving so I'm really happy with how much he has (I'd be more worried if he was eating loads and gaining too much weight)

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