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SMA Progress

Millie is now 6 months old and is currently on SMA Gold, should I now move her onto SMA Progress or carry on with the Gold? Confused .....................

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Mum (Mom)
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hi there,it's been awhile since mine was on sma gold but i put him on sma blue never bothered with progress.If in dealt you could asked your health visitor as she can advise which would be best for your LO...all the best :0)

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Mum (Mom)
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Hi its entirely up to you hun. They say you should move to progress cus it contains extra minerals t complement weaning as obviously they start to have less milk. But i remember my HV actually sayin that was just a con to get you to buy it and there isnt that much difference. I switched to progress with Oliver and wish i hadnt as i found it to be abit thicker then gold and it made Oliver i ended up going back to gold in the end and he's doing just fine. x

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