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4 month old drinking only 3 to 4 oz every 4 hours!

hi. i need some advice plz, im quite stressed. my daughter turns 4 months tom. but she only drinks 3 oz sometimes 4 every 3 to 4 hours during the day. at night she takes up to 5 oz and hen again takes 4 to 5 oz 4 hours later. im so afraid this is way to less. anyones elses baby drinking this less?i read of babies drinking 6 t0 7 oz by this time. my daughter barely totals 25 oz per day.plz advise, would ease my mind a lot

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Hi hun, 25 oz is fine for her age. Omar never went for more than 24 oz & it was for few weeks when he was 4 months. His average was 20-24 oz. He used to take 3 bottles 5 oz each & 1 bottle of 6 oz at bedtime.

Until now he can't drink more than 6-7 oz per bottle. If her weight gain is steady, there is nothing to worry about.

You can move to the next teat size, & feed her with no distractions & see how it goes. HTH xx

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if she is still gaining weight i wouldnt worry. Harrison has never been a big drinker either x

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Dont worry my daughter was exactly the same and her pediatrician said that was totally fine. Just the last few days she has started to drink 5oz. I know how you feel though i was worried too that Brooke was drinking too little but she gained weight fine so there was no need for me to worry. Brooke pediatrician said they (being our babies) tell us how much they need and as long as they are gaining weight and everything else is fine then dont worry.

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