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Formula Feeding Best Take Your Own Or Use Hospitals Until Your Home

I was just wondering if anyone can give some advice i know in hospital they give you formula instead for your newborn if you dont want to breastfeed,but would it be better to make up my own formula in bottles from home and bring it to the labour in prep for when my baby is born.

if so what is the recommended oz's of milk to put in the bottles in prep for it all?

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Next time I'll take my own. With DD they wouldn't give me formula even when she refused to nurse and then threatened to keep her[discharge me and then I'd have to drive back every 2 hours to nurse] until she ate. I'm like let's try a bottle. No she HAD to take the breast. I finally got an hold of a hand pump and pumped an ounce and she took it right from the bottle.

As soon as we came home I shook her up formula and she was SO HUNGRY. Poor kid 1 2-3 minute nursing and 1 oz of bm from 1245 Tuesday to 7p Thursday.

So I don't know if it's easier if you don't let them know you intend to breastfeed I'd rather not leave it up to some nasty nurse to deny food to my kid.

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we used the hospitals but they were really great about it. If you do take your own I'd recommend taking the premade stuff in so you don't have to worry about mixing formula etc. while in the hospital

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Speak to your hospital, some supply formula and some dont. If they do i would just use theirs. The last thing you want to be worrying about is washing and sterilising bottles just after you have given birth. If they dont then i think its cow and gate that do a hospital starter kit, which is little bottles with teats you can use - very handy and exactly the same as the stuff most hospitals provide (if they provide it that is?!)

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not all hospitals give formula if you choose not to breastfeed, in fact from a lot of what I've read most don't. You should check with the hospital as to what their policy is first. You would be best to take the premade formula that comes with the sterile bottles, as your not going to want the hassle of sterilising bottles then making up formula.
this is the kind of thing I mean


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id ring your labour or maternity ward and find out, the number should be on your maternity notes hun. it would be so much easier to use the formula that the hospital provide as its premade so no faffing about with formula when youve just had a baby.

good luck with everything.

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Our hospital no longer supplies formula.
I took cartons in, there was a room with a fridge and once you opened your carton of milk, you put a little sticker on with your name on. They did give us disposable sterile bottles though.

Every hospital is different though so ask your midwife/maternity ward xxx

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my hospital expected you to bring formula if you planned to formula feed & asked you to take the cartons rather than powdered milk.

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OUr hospital did provide formula but I didnt know at the time so I took my own cartons and single use bottles. LO didnt like the bottles though as apparently the teats are too hard for newborns and I did BF for the first day (against my wishes but thats a different story lol)

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We didn't FF from the start but if you choose to do so, try to find some pre-made 'nursette' bottles for newborns, it will make it a lot easier

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