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Hipp Organic Good Night Milk - Does it make a diff?

I'm thinking about trying my LO on this when she's 6 months. Shes currently on Cow & Gate comfort but now she's 5 months she doesn't have problems with her wind. Do you give it just for the first feed before bed, or for the night feeds aswell? Has it made a diffrence to your LOs sleeping?


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tried it once (with a freebie) didnt make any difference. to me, i think its basically a 'hungry baby' thing, stuff em full of heavy milk and hope they sleep longer.

So no, i wouldnt recommend it, infact cow and gate also used to do one and removed it because they think a good bed time routine is key to STTN x

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it made a huge difference to my friends baby. He neves sttn till she gave it a 7mth. He now goes 12hrs. If your lo no longer has wind issues have you thought bout tryin hungry baby now?

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