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Gosh it's been so long since I've been in this thread! I only had 1 baby last time I now have two! Everyone meet my daughter, Lilith!

I had a horrible pregnancy with her and developed obstetric cholestatis!! I was so itchy haha! So she was born at 38+3 by elective c section and weighed 6lb 11.5oz!

But again, the guilt is eating me up! I didn't breast feed at all this time around! Since I had a bad pregnancy I just wanted my body back! Does that make me selfish does doesnt it! But saying that she's flourishing exactly how she'd be if I did breast feed her!

My sister in law breast fed both her fact she's still going with the youngest who turned 1 in June!..she always asks me if I wanted to breast feed both? And that I should of tried :/, I tried and tried with my much so that I used to dread feeds with how sore my boobs got, completely traumatised me from wanting to try again! No milk=hungry baby!

How is everyone else doing?

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