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How much does your 6 week old weigh?

My little one was 8lb at birth and at 6 weeks is now 10lb 12oz, does anyone know how much is the average weekly weight gain?

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Has LO's weight been plotted in their 'red book' (its different colours in different places) the book from the HV? this will give you a rough guide with LO's weight.
Harrison was 5lbs 12oz born and at 6weeks weighed.... 7lb 2oz. Every baby is different xx

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Joshua was 7lb 6oz at birth and now weighs 10lb 4oz at just under 6 weeks. So he was 10oz lighter than your LO and is 8oz behind now (watch out we're catching up LOL) so I'd say you're all good

Josh has always been spot on the average line on all charts, right from our 12 week scan so is a good measurement of an 'average' child (if there is such a thing!!)

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My dd was 7lb 14oz at birth and 10lb 14oz at 6 weeks x

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My little one is a chunk!!! :-) lol... He was 9lb 4oz at birth and at 4 weeks was 10lb 14oz.... he is 6 weeks this week and is getting weighed tomorrow morning so will update then, but he def is bigger. The moses basket is now in the attic (has been for a week), and the pram carrycot is getting smaller and smaller looking....

They grow so fast!!! :-)

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