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Signature Rules, Tips & Options

In a effort to keep the forum clutter and SPAM free please could all members respect the following signature rules while using the forum.

Links Policy

Allowed: Social networking pages, profiles, memorial sites, charities, personal photo websites.
Banned: Commercial websites, auctions/eshop, forums, referral or affiliate links, third party pregnancy & parenting resources not owned by BabyandBump (unless approved by forum admin).

Members with over 50 posts can post a link to their personal auctions/eshops in Buy, Swap, Sell & Wanted

Signature Sizes

Please keep you signature's within 600 x 300.


Open up 'Notepad' and resize it so it covers the grey box above. You now have a template of the biggest area your signature should be.

You can now drag 'Notepad' over your signature. If anything sticks out you know it need altering.


Switch off all signatures:
UserCP > Edit Options
Under the 'Thread Display Options' heading you can untick 'Show Signatures'.

Hide Individual Signutures (and avatars):
UserCP > Edit Options
Under the 'Thread Display Options' heading you can turn off individual members signatures.

Remember to press 'Save Changes' after altering settings.

Thanks for your cooperation,
StirCrazy & Wobbles

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