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FAO StirCrazy

Not sure if this is the right place to ask but does BnB have an Iphone app?? or is it something that might happen in the future??

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Were promised it would be finished over a month ago. They haven't come up with the goods yet. At this rate we'll have go with tapatalk or something similar (which I don't want to do, just incase it is finished soon after). Is just a waiting game at the moment.

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Hiya, sorry I am resurrecting this thread. I loooove Tapatalk and BnB is the only forum I use that isn't on it which is really a pain, not the end of the world of course! Just thought I'd see if there was a definite 'No BnB will never be on Tapatalk' decision. I mean, I figure if some other forums can be on Tapatalk then the awesome force of BnB should represent, too!

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We have a mobile version.

There are no plans at this time to add BnB to tapatalk.

Wobbles x

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