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cloth diapering beginner

So expecting our second and started to look into ways to save money. I looked into cloth diapering last time but couldn't get the dh on board. Well I think I have him convinced him that this would be an easy way to save money. Now my question is what is the easiest way to get used to cloth diapers when all I have ever known is disposables? Which style are best for first timers? Also I have been looking and a lot of the prices seem high to start off but I did come across the kawaii brand so wondering are they any good? I know you can buy used one's but I really prefer to buy new. If any one has any tips or pointers I would really appreciate it

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I don't know any specific brands. However, several cloth diapers you can have inserts that are disposable to start out that makes it a lot easier to switch from regular disposable diapers. It's still more inexpensive too.

Also, the start up cost is definitely more expensive, but a lot of them can transform to fit the baby as they grow into a toddler. So they're worth the money. And I see a ton of used, but great shape cloth diapers on my local craigslist and facebook swap sites.

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I absolutely love cloth nappies

Although I do think if you DH isn't on board it'd be difficult so give him a talking to

I'd highly recommend buying eBay cheapie pockets and a mixture of microfiber and bamboo inserts and fleece liners to build up a stash of about 20 nappies then try the more expensive brands as and when you can.

I'd also recommend watching a few YouTube videos as the fit is slightly different to disposables.

Feel free to pm me if you have more questions x

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