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How accurate is the nub theory?

I have previously posted my scan pick and every person has guessed girl.

This is my last baby and i feel like because i can see the nub on my scan and its pretty straight that now i know i am having another daughter.

Having another daughter isnt the issue, its the magic of the surprise i think??

So my question is can the nub theory be wrong??

Thanks everyone x

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Not sure if that will pull up for you, but here is an actual medical journal entry taking about the subject. I've read others that discuss the same topic, and from what I can tell the general consensus is somewhere around 80-90%, depending on how many weeks you are.Between 11-12 weeks it is less accurate (some boyish nubs will still look girly then). The accuracy goes up in the 12th week and is at its max between 13-14, from what I can remember. Nothing is 100%, but the nub theory (when the nub is clear and assessed by someone knowledgeable) has pretty good odds of being correct. There's still at least a 10% of it being wrong, though, so I wouldn't get too discouraged. However, with an obvious flat nub between 12-14 weeks, I would try to make peace with the idea that it could be another little girl.

Best of luck to you.

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