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Convincing Gender Scan?

So here is my pic from my 16wk gender scanz just wandering if its convincingly a girl to everyone else? My other girl potty shots were quite clear, and this is a bit fuzzy so did wander. I didnt get to see this on the scan itself, as we had the gender kept a suprise for our reveal, so only got to see these images once we had cut the cake to find out what colour our little blessing is going to be. I'm obviously excited about it. Just wanted to make sure that there is no possible mistake in this pic? Xx
Hopefully NHS will confirm it in a few weeks 😁

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Mum (Mom)
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It's a fuzzy pic BUT there's no winky visible there. And like you say you weren't looking during the scan - but the technician was for sure looking. They won't have just seen this fuzziness, they'll have seen things a lot more clearly, it just happens that the pic was taken a little unclear.

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Congrats on team pink!

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I would say yes that's a convincing girl scan. I don't see any hints of winky there. My son at 17 weeks was very obvious!

Congrats on your girly x

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Yes, I would say girl. Congratulations

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I would say that looks all girl

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