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Anyone know anything about ramzi theory?

So when i had my scan at 6 wks we got to take pics hime not that you can see much but you can see where it is if that makes sense.
Does anyone on here know much about ramzi theory that could take a look and give it a guess?
I think boy already!

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If tummy scan and it's on left it's boy and right it's girl if it's a vaginal scan it's left for girl and right for boy I believe

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Ramzi was correct for my last three babies. I didn't get an ultrasound with my first until 20 weeks so I have no idea what side she was on, however I've found that whether the ultrasound was vaginal or abdominal the image was always mirrored. One major thing that people get wrong is that they think you're going by where the baby is located but this isn't always true. The baby can move around anywhere in the sac. You're looking for where the placenta is located. The sac always has a white ring around it but what you're looking for is the thickest part of that white ring. This is the placenta. If it is growing on the left (since ultrasounds are mirrored) the baby will likely be a boy. If it is growing on the right, it is a girl.

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