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what do you ladies think?

I had my dating ultrasound done around 7w 4 days...or so i thought...turns out they told me at the ultrasound that i was actually 8w 4 days...does anyone know how this is possible? Please let me know what you think of my theory: I think it is a boy.. i think we had earlier implantation and i think the sperm swam faster and implanted early bc its a boy and thats where the extra week comes from...just a thought... has anyone had a similar experience and dated further along in their dating ultrasound and then had a girl? comments, thoughts welcome and appreciated! I still have about 8 w to go before i can find out gender...or does anyone have a logical explanation as to why i would be a week ahead than what was previously thought based on lmp?

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The explanation is unlikely to be that it's a boy. I mean, of corse it's around 50% chance that it's a boy but it really doesn't affect the timing of implantation. I know they say boy sperm are faster but the difference is marginal, it wouldn't account for a weeks difference. It's more just that you ovulated earlier than you thought.
I dated something like 4 days ahead in my first pregnancy, it was a boy. Again, a few days ahead in this pregnancy and it's a girl.
Good luck with the pregnancy and gender!

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I've had a mix of boys and girls and agree with Talia it makes no difference to dating and is more likely that you just ovulated a bit earlier than you thought. Even when sure of ovulation dates, the measurements are only approx so can throw dating out by a few days either way.

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