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suspending facebook account ?????

is there a way u can stop/suspend ur facebook for a while ? without deleting everyone/everything ?
i just cant be bothered to go on it anymores

can any1 help ?

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Yup! all you have to do is scroll to the bottom of the page and at the bottom there is a list of things to click on ( the bottom right) click on Account and a page will open, you will see deactivate your account and go from there. if you want to reactivate your account all you have to do it sign into facebook, it will tell you it's deactivated and will send you a message to your email to reactivate it. All your friends and old pics should be there!

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Yep, as Christinalg says My OH done it (although he never has any intention of opening it again as he hates it!) but it is dead easy xxx

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