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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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Buying a house ALONE. Would you? wouldn't you? why/why not?

alone as in- the house is under only your name.
if you wanted to buy a house yourself (not legal joint ownership) and live in it alone (or with flatmates, friends, animals, family etc).

Do you think it would take the excitement/magic out of it? having someone to share the excitement, help you decorate etc?

I feel that it would make me less anxious then buying with a partner because of the 'what ifs?' in regards to the relationship; The legal and financial issues that would come with a separation which is already emotional. I understand that it may be different if you were married- but in this scenario your not

would you?
wouldn't you?


Would be really interesting to know!

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Mummy May
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I would! Because, why not?! Its a hard market to get on to but if you can afford it then defo go for it. I've rented a house 'alone' before and that was fun, it was also fun when I did it with OH. Its really nice to have your first house that you can call yours xx

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I bought a house on my own and it was one of the hardest things. I was worried things would break down (furnace, roofing etc) and also had surprise costs (taxes) and wondered how I would afford it in the long run. Don't get me wrong, it was incredibly empowering to have my own house but I ended up deciding to sell and go back to renting. Less stress for me and more flexibility. Next house purchase I will wait to do it with a significant other

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Hell yes. You know my one regret in life was not buying a house young. It's a wonderful empowering experience, and always know that you have your own roof. If and when you decide to buy with someone you could always sell up or rent it out and buy another as a couple.

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I did it. I bought my first (and moved to my second) on my own. It was really exciting, I really enjoyed decorating and learning how to do bits of DIY for myself.

I had a couple of friends live with me by accident, my friend moved in for a couple of months whilst between houses and it didn't work too well, but another (male) friend of mine moved in for 3 months for the same reason but ended up staying 18!

I totally enjoyed owning my own home x

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If i could have afforded to i would.

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If I had the money when I was younger, I would have bought a house on my own.

The house I live in with DH is in his name only because he bought it 12 years ago on his own.

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I bought my house alone. We'll have DH buy a house in his name only (though here it will still technically be 1/2 mine, as my house is his, even though we weren't together when I bought it).

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If I was single and could afford it I would. I'd have loved it! Decorating exactly how I want, etc.

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I co-bought one at 20(biggest mistake I ever made!) When I moved out the second time from my parents, I was a little scared of living alone(other than J obviously) and so don't think I ever would have then. But now, possibly.

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