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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Today I am five days past due for my period.
I am 21 my DH is 26

I didn't think the 2WW could get any worse but then SURPRISE! This month my 2WW is slowly turning into a 3WW

Isn't it funny how life works. We actually really did stop trying last month!
We've started hanging out with more friends and having good times letting off steam. Really not caring if it happened.

Then this month, 6dpo, I had light pink spotting.
Immediately I though OMFG great Now I'm pregnant?!
(I don't ever spot mid cycle)
I have had some backache and twinges, but that stopped around 9DPO

Feels like I have a stomach flu
My uterus feels full and I have very mild AF like cramping
(But in no way does it feel like AF?)
My boobs have never felt this sore before, it feels like a sports cramp, like a stitch you'd get in your side, but it's in and behind my nipple lol and in my armpits sometimes
My nips haven't gone soft in days and my emotions are flying like hot sauce.

Please tell me there are others in this world and I'm not just crazy!
I need to her other people's stories!

Thank you very much for reading

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I dont know hon, retest in a couple of days? xx

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I was late over 2 weeks once. I went to the doctor for blood tests and wasn't pregnant. Sometimes you are just really late for no real reason. (It was highly unlikely I was pregnant at the time, but wanted to find out what was going on.) Have you gone to the doctor?

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Tbh, the symptoms you describe could be down to your period or pregnancy. For me, when i spot, it was always a sign of my period coming. Have you been on the pill or other contraception? This can take a while for your body to settle into regular cycles. On the other hand, you could be pregnant. You may have ovulated later than you think and thats why you got a bfn.

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Maybe try without testing???

I know it sounds impossible but the more you stress about testing the more it will drive you insane. Just carry on with your day to day life and let it happen! There's no denying pregnancy when it happens lol.


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