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Mum (Mom)
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would this make you feel weird ???

Yesterday me OH my cousin and her OH were in the car on our way to mine and cousins grandads house for a dinner evening

we were all laughing and chatting and we came to a junction and there was an ambulance and about 6 people surrounded round a man lying on the floor.

2 of the people where holding up a sheet to block the view but the direction we were coming from it didnt really cover much.

at first we thought probably another drunk thats passed out (quite common round here) but as we got closer we could see the paramedic was quite clearly trying to resuscitated the man on the floor

rest of the journey we were pretty much in silence as we were all thinking about the poor man wondering if he was ok.

It made me feel really weird and i still dont know if he was okay

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Mum (Mom)
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last year i was on the bus with the boys and as we going down the road the bus had to stop because a man on a motorbike had crashed and was lying at the side of the road, as we went past i could see the paramedic trying to resuscitate and it really shook me up, i later found out online that the young lad had died and that he lived in the next village to me and i actually recognised his face ( i used to work in the local shop)
a few days later i went to take some flowers to the crash site to pay my repsect .
your feelings are completly normal its awful to see someone in that situation xxxx

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Mum (Mom)
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Yes. Definitely. Whenever I see someone like that I can't help but wonder were they ok for a good while afterwards. I've seen the aftermath of some pretty bad crashes, and actually witnessed a poor young man be knocked of his bike. I later found out the boy had sustained long-term injuries and was a good mate of my brother. I always feel horrible when I see him because I think I could have done something more.

It is terrible seeing some one like that.

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Mum (Mom)
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It's perfectly normal to feel weird, to wonder what happened. I deal with this in work sometimes and it always takes me a bit of time to get over it and stop wondering about the person, their family etc.
try not to fret Hun you will probably never know what happened but the person may have been fine

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I was on the bus once and we drove past where a young lad had been knocked over on his bike. He was only about 14, and he was lying on the pavement unconscious covered in blood. People were helping him. I felt weird all day.
I also feel a bit weird around the hospital when I see the porters pushing recently passed patients (what I know to be - They're disguised to look more like linen trolleys).

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Mum (Mom)
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I think it's natural for you to feel a bit weird

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How awful or you to see that. I would feel upset too.

That kind of thing shakes people up, so your normal feeling this way.

My fiancé saw something similar this week, and I found myself googling to see if they were ok, even though I wasn't there I felt sad.


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Yes totally normal. I cant look at things like that at all because of a past experience of witnessing a crash and one of the people dying. It makes me mad as the person who caused the crash and the death of the other person was banned from driving already but when he got to court all he got was another ban. It broke my heart for the family who had lost a father/husband. I still struggle to get over it now 6 years later and still freak out on driving lessons sometimes.

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When I was young I was walking to school and to get to school we go under an underpass (there's a lot were we live) there's a road above the underpass which separates my estate to the next area, that road is usually very busy but that morning it was dead. We wondered why so we went up the stairs which take u to the road and they had shut it off and u could see the paramedic resuscitating a person. We quickly scrambled down. I have always wondered what happened to that person even after all these years.
I also went into London a couple of days after the 7/7 bombings, me and my grandad were going to visit my great grandad. We would usually catch the underground but we couldn't then so we caught the bus I had never been that way on the bus before so was slightly unexpected when it drove straight over kings cross. There were lots of flowers and u could see we're the roof just as the tracks go underground had caved in. Really got to me too!
It's very normal to feel likes this when confronted with the cold fact of death. Xx

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I think that's completely normal

I felt like that when I visited London. I seen a man all bloodied because he'd been attacked (I think) my train was due so I couldn't hang around but I thought about him on the way home and wondered if he was ok.

This world is too cruel

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