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Burnt my arm

I had my second day back at work on Saturday, and I managed to give myself a really nasty burn!! It didn't hurt too much but turned into a huge blister by Sunday. Yesterday the blister burst and over night it's stuck to my sheets so I've pulled the top layer of skin off it. I actually can't tell you how much it's hurting

Would burn cream or something help?

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Mum (Mom)
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Omg ouch I got a small blister on my thumb from gardening and the skin came off, I know just how painful it is. I'm not sure how effective burn cream is because essentially the burns gone. I found putting a plaster on it during the day helped because it stopped it rubbing on things, then I let it air at night. It took a few days until new skin grew back though. Perhaps sudocream might help?

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I use sudocreme for everything so maybe try that! hope its better soon xx

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Vaseline is good for burns, not sure about when the blister has popped though.

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Don't cover it completely, let it air for as much as you can, get some gauze and micropore tape, and loosely cover it. But only for a few hours. Also keep it clean as because the blister has burst it's open to infection

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ouch! i always used to burn myself at work. i worked in a chippy so the fat used to splash up & spit at you etc.

once the blister had popped we had to cover in vaseline (sudocrem used to sting) and wrap loosely in a gauze & tape.

in future as soon as u burn yourself run it under the cold tap for 5 mins. cover in butter & wrap in cling film. xx

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