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ring repair costs

The other day the setting on my engagement ring got caught on a towel and a piece of fluff got wedged between the setting and the stone. I wiggled it out with a pair of tweezers but in doing so i loosened the diamond so it now spins around in the setting. I took it to the jewellers and they said it could pop out and have sent it off for repair. However they couldn't give me a price estimate, and i was wondering if anyone had had a repair like this done and if so how much it cost? I'm going to get it repaired whatever i just want to know what to expect!

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If its just tightening the setting it shouldn't be too much. I had to have a complete diamond replaced from the side of my ring that had fallen out and was gone, and it was only around $120 to replace and reset it. I've also had the main diamond reset before because it originally came with 6 prongs, but they kept bending, so I got it reset to 4 prongs so they would be stronger. I think that one was covered by warranty, though, as that was done when it was still fairly new. I'd imagine just tightening the prongs should only be around $30-40 at the most?

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Hard to know for sure- but like above it shouldn't be that much. I had a new diamond put in and cleaning- and that was only $75 (which included the jeweler ordering the new stone and replacement cost). He does all the repairs on site though- so he doesn't have to ship the ring anywhere.

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