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View Poll Results: How should it ideally be divided?
Men should always pay 1 2.70%
Men should pay the majority of the time 4 10.81%
It should be equally 50/50 (whether its turn taking, or splitting bill in half) 32 86.49%
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Old Oct 8th, 2015, 21:43 PM   31
Mum (Mom)
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I always went by whomever did the asking. If someone asked to take me out for dinner, I would expect him to pay. If I requested the date, I would expect to foot the bill. I'm very forward though, so probably did half the asking lol

I was very put out once by a guy who asked me to a sporting event; he had seasons tickets and his friend cancelled so he asked if he could take me since I had never been to a game and he was passionate about it (2nd date, first date was a set up through a friend so we paid separate bills). After we were there he started saying he was thirsty (wanted a beer) and hungry (forgot to eat lunch), he asked me if I wanted something , I didn't, so he asked me for $30. He then told me I also needed to pay him for the ticket so I tossed $15 at him and left (ticket had $12 printed on it but he was telling me it was more). Needless to say I never saw him again. If he expected me to foot the bill he should have been upfront about it, plus he expected me to buy him whatever he wanted...sorry but if I know I'm going to have a bottle of water and a salad I'm not going to bring enough to cover your 3 beer and rib-eye iykwim.

A different guy took me to the movies on our first date, he said he would pay but when we got to counter he couldn't find his wallet. I paid. Then I paid for snacks. Then he magically found his wallet. What an arse...still ended up marrying him though and he will never live it down

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Old Oct 9th, 2015, 10:21 AM   32
Mum (Mom)
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I always offered but tbh I'd expect the guy to pay on a first date , but then that's a little reflective of the type of guys I go for in terms of gallantry etc. After the first date I insist on halving the bill.

In our dating days my husband paid for the first 3 dates (I had to really argue to get him to let me pay) then we went halves but once we were secure it all became jumbled. We've been together over a decade , met when we were still students so there's been times where one of us had little money. I've paid his rent and he's paid mine. From the minute we moved in together even before getting married we saw money as shared. It helps that neither of us are big spenders or have expensive hobbies etc.

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