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UK mums who get tax credits on thursdays

Have you received money today? I get paid every Thursday so I budget every week so I'm OK Thursday Wednesday I currently sat with no electric and no gas (because gas works through my electric) and my phones been cut off due to late payment so can't ring anyone so thought I'd ask here if it's happened to everyone or just me? I'm currently in the process of begging family and friends for money

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Is this any help?

I get mine every 4 weeks- sorry I can't be more help

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We get ours every sat but hopefully it'all go in tomorrow. I know my sister gets hers every 4 weeks. Hoping you've managed to sort something. X

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I get mine every Thursday and it went in as usual xx

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Mine went in today as usual too. Hope you get it sorted soon. You can log in online and it should tell you what's going on. Hope it's sorted soon xx

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I usually get paid on a Monday but was paid child benefit yesterday and I'm assuming my tax credits today though I haven't checked yet as I won't touch it until next week. Hope you manage to get it sorted.

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