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Ebay return?

Has anybody ever had any luck returning to Ebay? The seller didn't have a return policy, but also didn't state no returns. Anyhoo, I bought an iphone for my dad for Christmas and it didn't work properly so I've asked for a return, but haven't heard from seller. Ebay say they'll intervene if I can't resolve it with seller (seller has til the 31st to get back to me b/4 I can ask Ebay to step in), but I just wondered if anyone had any luck.

I don't really expect Ebay to do anything but ask the seller to take a return, just like I did so I'm probably out the money. uggg I know you take a chance ordering off Ebay but I'm so disappointed. I've always had good luck buying used phones off there in the past. I suppose we'll see, but not hearing word from the seller yet is making me thing I'll have to eat this one.

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I was sold an item and the seller wasn't honest about the condition so I asked for a refund from the seller (they declined) so the seller actually contacted eBay saying I was lying etc but I sent pictures of the item and stated it wasn't in the condition described. eBay decided in my favour and issued me a postage label (free return) and when I posted the item eBay automatically issued the refund from the sellers accounts into mine(even tho they didn't want to give me a refund). Hope it works as well for you, it's so annoying when items aren't what you expect!

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If you buy from a person (rather than a shop) on ebay you cant return an item if you change your mind, but you can return an item if it's not as described.
If it's described as working but doesn't work you can open a return request and ebay will always refund you. (providing you paid via paypal)
I don't think you take a chance ordering off ebay, they always take the buyers side when there's evidence.

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