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Any other moms gone back to school?

I dropped out of high school back in October 1992, got my GED in October 1995, I wasn't sure about going to college until I lost my job in 2003. I tried to get into UW- Milwaukee that Summer, but they said my ACT scores weren't good enough to try at Milwaukee Area Technical College. So I did. I took 2 classes Fall 2003 and then went full time for the next 3 semesters. I did pretty well. Except for having to drop classes, especially in Spring 2005 when my son, Ty, who is special needs, started having more and more issues at school and at home so I chose him over school. I was going to go back in Fall 2005, but I was worried about Ty and also I became very tired to even go to see my advisor. On August 25th, 2005 I found out I was pregnant, the 31st I was told it could be twins, and on September 14th it was confirmed twins. I had them in April 2006 and we moved to Janesville where I live now later that Summer. I then had another son in September 2009. So school was on a back burner.

In June 2013, I had to place my son, Ty, into a place hoping he'd get help for his behavior as he became very violent and hurt Eli (one of my twins) and knocked Lennox (3 at the time) out. It was a very difficult time and because I had to go to court for it I was ordered to look for a job. 5 jobs I had to apply at each week from November until May. Only had 2 interviews out of 130 jobs I applied at in that time. It stunk. Thank goodness my mother in law took Ty in until he turned 18 and was able to go into the group home that he lives in now. Oh, the courts didn't want him home for his and my other kids safety.

As he is being well taken care of and my younger 3 are all in school full time this Summer I decided to go back to school. I applied at UW- Rock County and got accepted in August and I also had 23 credits from MATC transfer over. So I am now a Sophomore in college thanks to this semester putting me over.

I just got all my grades yesterday.

General Anthropology B-
Introduction to Human Biology B-
Music Literature and Appreciation A-
Physical Geography A-

GPA 3.241

So not bad at all for my first semester back in over 11 years!

Oh, BTW, I am 43.
How are all of you?

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