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Mum (Mom)
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Night out

What are your essentials to make you feel glam/ready?

It's my best friends birthday night out on Thursday and it's honestly sending me into self induced panic stations! I feel like I haven't been out in a long, long time- probably because I haven't, lol.

I'm the only mum out of a group of 10 () and I already feel like I'm going to look so frumpy. My outfit is black skinny jeans, a cross back cami, kimono and sparkly heels, I think the other girls are all wearing dresses but I just couldn't find one that looked nice on me.

I've bought eyelashes but I'll probably end up with them as lash tash at the end of the night haha. What do you do to make you feel glammed up?

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Mum (Mom)
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Mine would be some fake tan (which I wold put on a night or two before)
Nails painted
Full face of makeup
Some nice jewelery
Then if I'm still not happy, lots of wine so I don't care so much! Haha

Your outfit sounds nice, I know what you mean though, lately I dread going out because I hate how all my dresses look on me!

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Mum (Mom)
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I dreaded the first night out after having the girls.
Im sure once your out an the drinks are flowing you will be fine! .
I do the following.
Full face make up
hair done nice
false nails/eyelashes
toe nails painted
nice perfume on
jewellery! .

Your outfit is glam too. Enjoy your night !

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