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Colouring (grown ups)

can anyone recommend what pencils/felts are best to use for colouring?

Sorry for the extremely boring post lol

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Eleanor ace
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I like Stabilo, they are comfy to hold

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Ibuse stabilo too.

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Echo Stabilo!

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I use stadleter (sp?) pencils and crayola felt tips

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I use faber-castell pencils

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Was kind of hoping someone got me colouring for Christmas, though I never said it interested me TBH.
We only have crayola in this house so may ask for some nice pens from DH. My birthday isn't far away and I could do with a little hobby

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I use stabilo fineliner pens for detailed pictures, stabilo felt tips for normal pics, and I'm not sure which colours pencils but they are decent blendable ones.

I have just got back into it, I did it loads when pregnant!

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