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You can in theory cook just about anything in a slow cooker, but I usually reserve it for soups/stews/curries or doing a slow cooked brisket, basically things that need to be cooked slow and long. It seems expensive to pay for the electricity to cook something for 8 hours everyday when you could do it in 30 minutes on the hob. But yes, when you want to do that sort of thing, they are useful to have, but you don't need an expensive one, though we have one now that has a timer on it (so you can set it to go off at a certain time or come on at a certain time if you aren't home).

I do chilli in it, or beef or another stew. I also do stocks when we have a chicken carcass and save up the stock for soups. I've done a beef brisket in it before too. But yes, I think it's great for a few times a week. I know some people use them like every day, but that seems a lot to me and I'm perfectly able to roast a chicken in the oven.

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