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Home hair stylist and tipping.

Hi ladies, I'm getting my hair cut and dyed next week. I've been box dying for years so I haven't been to a professional is forever.

The stylist does it out of her home. Just wondering if a tip is expected?

Also, do I go with freshly clean hair, a couple day old hair, or what? I know you're not supposed to dye freshly clean hair out of a box, but I don't know what's best for professional dye.


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My friend did mobile hairdressing and used to come here. I'd always give her 5 more than she'd quoted even though she does add in fuel etc to her charges anyway.
She always preferred for my hair to not be freshly washed on the same morning so I'd wash it the morning before then not bother to on the day she was coming. X

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If she is self-employed, no I wouldn't tip. If she works for someone else, then yes, I might if I felt I wanted to. When you're self-employed, you keep all your money anyway, but a tip is meant more as a little extra directly to the person above and beyond their wages they get paid from their employer.

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