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Mum (Mom)
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I live in an old cottage. Built in 1887. I love it. Big garden, lots of space, big drive, not surrounded by loads of other houses that are all tightly crammed in together.
Where I live new builds are few and far between as I live in the countryside but the ones built in my nearest town (most) are cheaper which obviously makes them appealing and the fact that everything is new/no work needs doing. However we wanted a project, something we could renovate and something to make our own which is why we went for an older house.

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Mum (Mom)
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I'm a fan of older houses. New builds look so shiny and lovely but they're not for me.
Luckily OH shares my view. We won't be staying in the town we live in now when we buy but almost none of the houses here are very old. The town was sort-of thrown together during the Second World War to house those displaced in the city so it's all council property without much history, it was all farms beforehand.
Now every free corner is being covered in new builds. Literally, there was a gap in my street between my house and my right-side neighbour and ten new houses popped up in the gap
There are actually hundreds of council and ex-council houses empty here, trouble is people with money don't want to live in them and it's a poor town. They're building the new houses to get people living and working here but they're building on everything nice we had so no-one wants to live here anymore
Also the several new estates that have popped up around is the past few years seem to have LOADS of houses for sale, like they filled up and emptied out again. Doesn't bode well.
I'll be happy when I find an old dusty house with high echo-y ceilings

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