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Request for flexible working hours. Need some advice!

I'm having a little bit of trouble with my place of work at the moment reguarding shuffling around some hours. I haven't officially asked for any changes so much as I've had an informal chat about a situation reguarding my husbands job. This may be long so please bare with me.

At the moment I work 29 hours a week to this pattern.

Week 1
Monday in
Tuesday off
Wednesday off
Thursday off
Friday in
Saturday in
Sunday in

Monday in
Tuesday in
Wednesday off
Thursday off
Friday in
Saturday off
Sunday in

And then the rota just repeats itself. I currently jobshare with a lady who works she opposite me so when I'm off she's in, she wants to drop a day which doesn't effect me in the slightest and my managers aren't very forthcoming with what her plans actually are but that's not relevant to my situation so moving on..

My company are in the process of hiring a 3rd person to do the same job me and my colleague are currently doing.

My husband has been offered a promotion a work which they are willing to work around my rota with EXCEPT for the Saturdays. As it's a supvisor role he's being offered one of the requirements is that it involves working every Saturday. I mentioned the promotion to my line manager (didn't ask for any rota change) and she flat out told me the only way I'm getting my 2 Saturdays a month off are if I drop them, meaning I'd have to drop 7.5hrs per week even though the only day that would be a problem from a childcare point are view are the 2 Saturdays.

Naturally my husband wants to take the promotion and naturally I want him too, however, because I'm the higher earner it wouldn't pay for me to lose a day for him to gain a day if that's makes sense.

I was just wondering where I stand on requesting flexible working hours and asking to change my 2 Saturdays a month to Tuesdays (which I've been told by other members of staff is the day my colleague wants to drop) and what the chances are of the request being approved. I know that from a legality point of view my place of work dont have to agree to anything I was just after some advice on how to go about it all


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I'm not really sure about process and everything but it sounds like a reasonable request, especially if they'll need to cover the day your colleague drops. How well do you get on with your boss / superviser? If it were me I'd prob have an informal chat with them and explain about your OH promotion opportunity and hopefully they'll be understanding and helpful.

Hope it works out


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You are entitled to put in a request but your work can decline it if it doesn't meet business needs. Also worth being aware that if it's rejected you carmaker a new request for 12 months.

Before putting in your requests think really hard about what would work and a few different alternatives if you can. Make your request as detailed as possible and try to think of ways to mitigate your change to give as little room for refusal as possible.

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