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Delay! We had norovirus in December and it was hell, worse stomach bug I've ever had, even OH (who is unphased by vomit and will vomit at will)said it was the worst he's had. It's so much worse than the 'normal' stomach bug.

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Having had norovirus i would stay well clear.

The stomach pains, omg. I was bed bound for days (apart from 30 odd trips to the toilet each day) Its so easy to catch.

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Mum (Mom)
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I would definitely delay! My girls had norovirus a few months before Christmas and it wasn't pretty. My oldest was throwing up anything that so much as touched her lips for 2 days, her diarrhoea lasted 9 days and my youngest (who was only 7/8 months at the time) had sickness for 3 days and diarrhoea for nearly 4 weeks and spent 2 days in hospital being monitored for dehydration.

Worst case scenario your in laws will be offended but totally worth it if it means you all stay norovirus free!!!

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DD1 has had sickness all day yesterday with one episode of blood - runny bum started today with no sickness. She was refusing to drink any fluid. DD2 was sick 3 times in the space of 5 minutes on Thursday and had really bad runny bum today. So so far, DD1 has been 48 hours and DD2 72 hours.

I don't let anybody come to my house while any of us has any form of contagious illness (bar cough/colds). I follow the 48 hour rule after last event before any contact with other people.

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