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BnB is definitely the best

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I love b n b, gotten me through some very hard times x

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Originally Posted by LoraLoo View Post
Haha Eleanor made me laugh too!

One woman put 'baby dust to all' well ive never seen abuse like it! 😳 bet the poor woman never went back again.

It's quite sad really, that a bunch of women can turn on soneone looking for support like that.

Haha ahhh!! I saw a post where a baby duster got ridiculed as well!!!! Poor lady! Those sites will put you right off of trying to be a nice person!

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I agree, I love BnB! Been on here for nearly 5 years now, and I wouldn't join anywhere else. I'm always coming on for advice, and I love keeping up with what everyone else is doing too. I've made some lovely friends on here, and I've gone through both of my pregnancies on here too!

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bnb , yay

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