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Removing Biro writing from leather sofa?

My daughter has written her name in Biro pen on our leather sofa. Does anyone have any tips on how to remove the writing please? Thank you

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Mum (Mom)
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A magic eraser? I got pen on my parents cream Italian leather sofa (whoops!) and got it out with a magic eraser. The only thing was that it did make the patch super clean so we then had to use leather cleaner on the whole thing, haha. It didn't damage the sofa though.

Or hairspray? I got nil polish out my dds baby shawl with hairspray.

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I would say either hairspray or nail varnish remover maybe?

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Oh eek #hide

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Try perfume.

DD1 once wrote on the arm of our sofa in pen. Perfume worked a charm! .

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Alcohol hand gel. I had a biro leak all over my earphones and it got it all off

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