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Im not sure, not alot at all. Haircut every 6 months or so. Make up and perfume are presents for xmas and bday. New clothes almost never.

One of my goals this year is to actually make sure i spend more on myself. Some things are needed! New jeans, shoes etc i have started getting my eyebrows done every 6 weeks and thats 28! But it makes me feel nicer so im happy paying it.

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I don't spend much, but I also didn't spend much before baby either. The last two times I've had my hair cut and coloured my OH gave me gift certificates to the salon to cover the cost, I was on maternity leave and on a pretty limited budget as a result and just didn't have the extra cash. I had a back injury last year and spent $80-160 per week on physiotherapy so that ate up any sort of budget I would have for spending money on myself. I don't wear much make up so the amount I spend on that is negligible, maybe $20 every year or two? Never had my nails done or had a pedicure or anything like that. I am not a big shopper, but I definitely buy less clothes since having a baby, but that has more to do with still needing to lose baby weight and then getting pregnant again, so I don't see the point in spending money on clothes until I am done having babies and am back to my normal size.

There are three areas that I do spend money on.
1. Running shoes. I am a triathlete and trail runner so I need multiple pairs of running shoes every year. I have long distance trail runners, short distance trail runners, race shoes, and road shoes, lol. I don't buy each pair every year, but I am replacing at least one pair of shoes every summer and I spend about $150-200 per pair.
2. Food. I work 2pm-midnight and am horrible at being prepared enough to take packed food with me. I usually stop and get a sandwich for lunch on my way to work, and then might grab a coffee, and then go out and grab something on my dinner break. I probably spend $80 per week on food, this is an area I am trying really hard to cut back on because it is just so unnecessary.
3. Gas. We live in a really small town about a 30 min drive from the city. I have to drive to the city for work, to go to the pool, to get groceries, etc. We are also often driving out to the mountains for hiking or skiing or something. I spend at least $100 per week on gas. But we love it out here and wouldn't have it any other way!

Funny I came across this post as I was just on my computer making up a budget for myself!

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I don't spend much at all on those sorts of things, but it hasn't changed at all with having a child. I get my hair cut maybe once every nine months, which is about 50, and I buy clothes when I have to, maybe about 200-300 worth a year, which is mostly a few nice things for work. I don't get nails done or anything like that. Make-up maybe about 50 a year and then just shampoo/conditioner, soaps and moisturisers and things, but we share a lot of those between my daughter and I so it's hard to know exactly maybe another 50 a year total between us. Most of my money that I spend on 'myself' goes for meals out for us as a family or with my husband, which isn't often, but adds up, rather than on things like make up or hair. But it hasn't changed really. When I do spend things on myself, it's more on nice food and wine (well, not at the moment, obviously!). I cringe to think how much I spend on that though. I really have no idea. But my husband joked that the neighbours are going to be the first to know I'm pregnant because suddenly the recycling bin is no longer overflowing with wine bottles!

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I don't know exactly, but I know it's not a lot! Before kids I was always getting my nails done, and my hair coloured/cut. Now I'm lucky if I buy a box of hair dye to do it myself once a month, and I'll paint my own nails on occasion!

New clothes I don't really get unless I'm in need of something.. the girls get new clothes all the time, but I love buying cute clothes for them!

Edit - I used to get my eyelashes done too, oh those days are long gone! X

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I get my eyebrows waxed every couple of months (5 a time) and a haircut like once a year (30 odd) I don't buy any perfumes or anything, usually get them as gifts, and i don't wear makeup ever or do my nails etc so pretty much zero there.
I only buy new clothes/shoes if I need something which isn't often at all.

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I really don't know but definitely not a lot. Maybe $30 a year on makeup. I cut and trim my own hair. I don't color it at all. I buy maybe 2-4 new tops or leggings each year so maybe $100 on clothes. And I can't even remember the last time I got a new pair of shoes. I'm very low maintenance. But the numbers are significantly higher if you asked how much I spent on my girls each year. They are always getting something new.

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I haven't had my hair cut for over a year, I don't get my nails done, make up which I rarely use is bought for me as a gift, I don't get my eyebrows done, waxes etc.

I buy shoes when I've worn through my other ones, I only buy clothes when I absolutely have to. I just bought a new raincoat as my other coat split up the sides (i wore it for ages as I'm losing weight and didn't want to buy a new coat that I wouldn't fit for long but I had to give in).

I sound like a cheap skate. I'm not I just don't enjoy shopping for myself really and I hate people touching my hair/face.

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^ I am exactly the same!

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2 hair dye every 6-8 weeks.
7.50 eyebrow threading 6-8 weeks.
12 hair cut probably x2 a year.
clothes, make up or perfume i ask for a xmas presents or birthday presents.

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Wow i am so surprised at how little people spend on themselves. I didnt think spent much but it seems like i do reading these. Think i saw someone says train fares was spending money on themselves. Oh no no i include that in my monthly bill and travelling to work is defo not what i would class as money for myself. I want to say go for it, treat yourself girls!

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