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How much do you spend on yourself?

I mean stuff like hair, nails, clothes etc.
I was working this out the otherday and i spend about 1/10th of what i used to pre kids.
So yearly for me
Hair £60 thats one cut a year possibly some colour, a few times in the year.
Nails £5 a year i buy nails inc polishes in the poundshop and they last ages.
Eyebrows £6 per year. Its a £1 for threading and i hate having it done so go about once every other month.
£100 iah per year on clothes. Usualy primark.
Perfume OHs mum gets me a bottle every birthday and christmas and it lasts till the next. U havnt actually bought any perfume in about 8 years since i met her.
Make up is about £40 per year. I time it right and get the free no7 gifts which contain mini products when i buy my foundation.
Then the usual razors, £1 pack every couple months. Shower gel i usualy use whatever is cheapest and smells best. Though i bought a few bottles on offer last year and that is still going. Or i get stuff for christmas.

Pre kids it would have been much more. So, brcause im nosey, how much do you spend.

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Oh crikey. I used to spend soo much on clothes etc (not expensive clothes but lots of cheap ones haha)

I spend more now than i did a couple of years ago but still minimal maybe 20/30 per month on clothes at a push. £20 hair cut every 2 months. 2.50 hair dye every 2/3 months. Maybe £5/10 make up a month on average (dont buy much these days!) Hardly ever uy perfume. Have enough to last me from christmas for the year id say.

My one vice is a love tattoos. Individually they arent tooo expensive so 100-150 each and i have had 4 done in the last 8 months and i want more. I save up for them though as i dont have that sort of lose change haha

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Eleanor ace
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I don't spend much, in comparison to pre-kids anyway.
Haircuts: £50 x2 a year (maybe 3x)
Make up (including nail varnish): Probably about £60 a year
Clothes: Probably about £200 a year max
I don't get my nails/eyebrows/eyelashes done or get waxed or anything.

I spend about £75 a month on exercise but that is for weekly tennis/swimming/netball/exercise class and I feel justified because its for my health and feels a bit like punishment, rather than just making me feel nice

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Hair: $150 for cut, blowdry and highlights (usually 1-2 times per year)
Nails: $50-$100 (2-3 times per year, manis or pedis) I sometimes get giftcards for this though
Makeup: $50 per year maybe; I don't buy very much or very often
Skincare products: $500 per year maybe! I use very high quality stuff.
Clothes: $500-$1000 per year

I don't do eyebrows, waxing or any of that but I used to get laser treatments. it was deemed to not be effective on my light hair.

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The most I spend on myself is train tickets every day! - £8.50 a day.

Occasionally I'll get myself something nice, usually makeup when I run out. I have a mix of usual high street makeup and few more expensive bits (setting sprays, powder, eye shadow palettes, brushes etc) but that follows no particular pattern either

I struggle to find clothes I like/look nice on me so I have absolutely no idea how much I spend on that. My aunty is a hairdresser so cuts our hair for nothing, i feel so boring!

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Not much and definitely not a set amount. I'm not crazy on shopping though,I buy things when I need them. I rarely buy make up as I only wear it for special occasions, if I have spare money I prefer to spend it on an evening out and good wine and cheese (when I'm able to drink!)

I don't do nails, waxing etc in a salon. I used to get my nails done but I can't be bothered since my hands are in water all day washing bottles!
Skincare wise it probably works out to around £20 a month including stuff that the rest of the family can use.

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I've no idea to be honest. Not a lot as I prefer to buy for the kids and house. OH would be much happier if I'd spend at least £150 a month on things for myself but I never do. That said though, if I do see something I want I would buy it.

I just asked OH and he said about £20 a month - couple of magazines, couple of costa brownies and a few hot chocolates cheap and easily amused.

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Nails £25 every 3 weeks
Eyebrows waxed and tinted £10 every 3 weeks
Hair colour, cut, blow-dry £35 every 6 weeks
Make up approx £10/£20 a month average over 12 months
Clothes approx £50 a month, sometimes nothing though, depends what mood I'm in!
I never buy perfume for myself that's normally presents for my bday or xmas from hubby or mil

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I honestly have no idea, I don't really keep track....These will just be guesses
Haircuts: $35 x 3 times a year
Makeup: $50 a year. I don't wear much, mainly just on weekends, so it lasts quite a while
Skincare: $50-75 a year. I really only buy body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and good moisturizer regimen
Clothes: hmm.....I really have no idea. I just buy stuff I like when I need it or like it. I just spent $250 replacing all of my scrubs for work last month, so I'm already at $250 for the year and it's still early in the year, lol. Probably $500-700? for the year
Purses: Probably $100-200. I love purses.
Shoes: Probably $100-200, work shoes included

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Mum (Mom)
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I used to spend so much more on myself before I had Emily but now its roughly:
€25 approx every 6 weeks on a haircut (I have short thick hair that needs cutting & thinning fairly often)
€30 on my nails approx twice a year
I buy make up whenever I need it or fancy something, I love make up so I would spend approx €20 a month on it.
€100 approx a year on skincare
I spend roughly €20 a month on clothes, some months I don't buy any and some months I spend more if I need a coat or shoes.
I rarely buy perfume, hubby usually gives me some for my birthday and Christmas

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